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Roulette online is an amusing casino pursuit that suggests glamour and excitement. Roulette game is based on a simple idea and is easy to play. Discover top online roulette casino sites and get the no deposit bonus money to start your gambling adventure!

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Roulette Online Introduction

Although it is hard to place the precise roots of the roulette game, it is generally believed that the seeds of this form of entertainment game were sewn in France . A simple sign of its origins may lie in the name ‘roulette’ which is French for little wheel. Many people believe that the original roulette wheel was invented in 17 th century France by Blaise Pascal, a mathematician. This concept was later developed by Francois and Lois Blanc. These names are commonly found when discussing the history of the roulette game. It is believed that roulette found its way into the United States during the 19 th century. Upon the introduction of the best online casinos in the mid 1990s it was only a natural step that the roulette game would become a major part of this innovation.

Online Roulette Basics

Leaning how to play the online roulette game is easy. As is the case with the majority of, if not all casino games, the first step is to place a wager. The main objective in the roulette game is for bets and the landing place of a small ball inside the roulette wheel to match. A correct prediction produces a win whereas if there is no match, the player loses.

Roulette Layout

An online roulette wheel or layout consists of separate sections numbered one to thirty six. The numbered compartments are colored alternately black and red. In addition, the roulette layout includes a single zero space and sometimes both a single and double zero compartment. The zero sections are colored green. It should be noted that the outer edges of the roulette layout are set out for the placing of additional bets. In the game of roulette, a small ball is dropped into the rotating wheel and its settling place determines the result of the game.

American or European Roulette

The main difference between American and European roulette lies in the matter of the zero sections. A European roulette wheel hosts a single zero section while an American roulette layout contains both a single and a double zero compartment. It should be noted that the European roulette version provides a favorable advantage for the player over the American game. The house advantage in European roulette is 2.7%, whereas 5.26% is the casino edge on the American version of the same game. Preferable odds therefore direct many players to search for European roulette games.

It is interesting to note that European roulette presents the opportunity for a gamer to play by the ‘en prison’ ruling, details of which may be found below.

Inside and Outside Bets at Roulette

The two different kinds of bets in the roulette game are known as inside and outside bets. The names of these bets relate to their positioning on the roulette layout. Inside bets, as the name suggests, are located on the inner part of the layout and involve bets on the numbers themselves.
Outside bets relate to bets that are placed on the outer section of the roulette layout. These bets usually offer good odds. Outside bets include those that are placed according to their color, odds or even wagers, bets that are high or low and sections of the roulette layout.

En Prison Rule

The en prison rule which can usually be found in the European version of the game is applicable on outside even-money wagers. In the event that the roll of the roulette results in a zero then the player may choose the en prison ruling. This option enables the player to receive back half of the amount of the wager or to set it aside for the next round. If the following roulette spin should result in an additional zero then the player loses the wager.

Roulette Online Tips

Roulette is an entertaining pursuit that has been enjoyed in several places around the world for many years. The novelty of online roulette has made this pursuit much more accessible and today may be accessed at the simple touch of a button from a convenient online location of choice.