Play Pai Gow Online

The fascinating game of pai gow poker has evolved from an old Chinese tile game. Today, PaiGow game is often found in the Asian section of land-based casinos in addition to many online casino locations.

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Pai Gow Poker Introduction

Although the original pai gow game used a type of domino, today’s pai gow pursuit takes place with a 53 card deck. The modern game of pai gow poker combines elements from the ancient Chinese tile game with a traditional poker game. The main objective of the pai gow game is to create two individual poker hands containing five and two cards respectively. It is interesting to note that in this game, the player competes against the dealer’s hand and not against other players.

Pai Gow Online Poker Basics

As is the case in many casino games, the first step in the pai gow poker game is to place bets. Following this, seven cards each are dealt. The player then needs to create two separate hands while bearing in mind that the five card hand must be a better poker hand than the smaller one. In the event that the high hand is not a stronger hand than the low hand then this is considered a foul and the player automatically loses. Once the two hands have been created, the dealer’s cards are then shown. The player’s two hands are then compared with the dealer’s hands.

An extra twist to the pai gow game is present in the form of a joker that acts as a wild card. It should be noted that the joker wild card may only be used as an ace and can only act in certain situations. This wild card may be used to create a straight, a flush or a straight flush.

Winning at the Online Pai Gow Game

Probably the most important point to note in the pai gow game is that the five card hand has to be stronger than the two card hand. Taking this into consideration, it is also important not to ignore the smaller hand, as in order to win the game the player needs to win with both hands.

Pai Gow Card Hand Rankings

The hand ranks for the game of pai gow are as follows in descending order: five aces / royal flush / straight flush / four of a kind / full house / flush / straight / three of a kind / two pair / pair / ace.

Pai Gow Tips