Keno Online Game Guide

online keno guideKeno has evolved from an ancient Chinese pursuit into an attractive casino game. The game of keno that today can be found at many of the best online casinos can be described as a lottery type game.

Introduction to Keno

It is believed that keno’s origins lie in ancient China . The story is told of leader Cheung Leung who desperately searched for a way of raising money from his disillusioned people for a weak army. With this purpose in mind he created a form of lottery as a substitute for raising taxes. Not only did this prove to be a successful action, but the game he invented was to last for many years into the future.

The Basics of Keno

The original simple game of keno presented a selection of 120 Chinese characters. In order to play the game, those interested bought keno tickets. This game was also known by the name of ‘white pigeon game’, due to carrier pigeons that were used to relay the game results in the early days. It is believed that keno was brought into the United States by Chinese immigrant workers.
Today’s modern game of casino keno features numbers rather than the Chinese characters. A player may select up to 15 options out of the numbers from one to eighty that are set out in the keno game.

How to Play Modern Online Casino Keno

The first step in the keno game is to place a wager. The player selects the required amount for the bet through the use of the chip selector increase and decrease buttons. The player then needs to choose the numbers upon which to place the bet. As mentioned above, a choice of up to fifteen numbers may be selected for each game. A press of the ‘play’ button will then begin the keno game. Winning selections are shown on the keno board and any winnings are automatically credited.

Keno Tickets

Players may place keno bets in different ways through the purchase of various keno tickets. Below information regarding such keno tickets is detailed:

  • Straight ticket : This relates to the most straightforward type of ticket available. In this way a player selects the desired numbers.
  • Split ticket : This ticket presents the player with the opportunity to play more than one game on the same ticket. This is done by a line on the ticket separating the selected numbers into different games.
  • Way ticket : This ticket cost less than a straight ticket and yet is similar in style. This particular ticket enables a player to select sets of numbers. These numbers may be played at the same time without any necessity for purchasing more than one ticket.
  • Combination ticket : This type of ticket provides the player with multiple possible ways of winning on the same ticket.
  • High end ticket : This kind of ticket presents a high risk but also provides the opportunity for winning good payouts.
  • Top – bottom ticket : As its name suggests, with this ticket a player may separate the ticket into two sections and then choose numbers on both sides. A match of thirteen numbers or more are needed in order to create a win.
  • Left – right ticket : This ticket works in the same way as the top – bottom ticket.
  • Edges ticket : Playing with such a ticket, the player needs to choose numbers that are placed around the edge of the ticket.

Online Keno

The main advantage to playing an online keno game in comparison to a lottery is that the outcome of a keno game is presented much quicker. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology and the creation of the Internet, keno may now be played from the comfort of one’s own home or other convenient location of choice. The software’s random number generator ensures randomness of play and a fair game.

Keno is an exciting and entertaining game that is quite easy to play once the gamer has gained an understanding of the different betting options. Free online keno games may be accessed at many online keno sites. These may be used as an educational tool and present an attractive way for players to practice the game for no charge.

Keno Tips

  • It is advisable to select a reliable online casino site for the desired keno entertainment.
  • It is highly recommended to setting an affordable casino bankroll with winning and losing limits. It is also just as important to keep to one’s bankroll limits.
  • It may be worthwhile to take advantage of any online offers and benefits while remembering to read terms carefully.
  • Players should bear in mind that this is game of luck and enjoy the game.